Find your doppelganger, soulmate, real twin, missing persons, friends or partner with TwinSearch!
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Why TwinSearch is unique!

Because TwinSearch can find your doppelganger, your soulmate or real twins!


TwinSearch analyses all users on visual similarities… worldwide.


People do not have to only look like twins but can also be similar in character. TwinSearch will help you find your soulmate.


TwinSearch can help reunite missing people, wherever they are in the world.


You can contact found twins. Amazingly, optical twins are often very similar in character and share the same preferences.

Blood type & DNA

TwinSearch also looks for compatible blood types and in the near future it will find relatives based on DNA matches; of course this data will be kept strictly confidential.

…and much more!

Try TwinSearch right now. Find out if you have a doppelganger, twins or soulmates.


TwinSearch analyses similar looking people with a Face-Matching algorithm developed specially for this purpose.

  • More than 100 facial features can be analysed
  • Comparison of the eyes, nose and mouth of the users
  • Ability to calculate a number of distances and ratios

What is TwinSearch ?

It has been proven that almost everyone has a “twin” somewhere in the world; people who look very similar to one another and have great similarities in character.

It is scientifically accepted that many people have already had a “twin” experience; this phenomenon is called “heautoscopy”. This is the encounter one might have with people who look like their twin but are not related by blood and have never met before.

The TwinSearch app can help you find your “twin” or missing relatives.

Find your “twin” via our photo matching or personality matching algorithms and if you like, you can even contact them with the built in chat. Your contact information will remain confidential unless you communicate it to your new friend.


You will get more options with a Premium-Account.

More matches

With a Premium-Account you will get more matches.

Free of ads

Enjoy your app free of ads.


With a Premium-Account you can contact all your matches simply with the built in chat.

Profile Picture

With a Premium-Account you can change your profile picture once a year for free.

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